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Kommuniv8 strives to boost businesses and organisations by blending innovation with powerful communications to drive performance and deliver positive results.

We support individuals and businesses grow and succeed by stimulating conversations about what they do and, forging strong symbiotic partnerships that foster growth. Results are achieved by delivering creative communications, clear messaging, leveraging technology and innovating to break down barriers and reach target audiences.

With an approach built on the foundations of sound communications principles and innovative thinking, Kommuniv8 skillfully brings communications, campaigns, and activations to life. Whether it is traditional marketing, communications and PR or more bespoke fundraising campaign development, resource mobilisation and business development, we are perfectly suited to take your organisation further.

You are guaranteed a personalised client-centred approach, backed by experience to assist you reach your potential. Let Kommuniv8 boost engagement, inspire action and encourage growth for your organisation.

Behind the Scenes

Koogan Pillay brings more than 20 years of experience as a journalist and communications specialist to Kommuniv8.

The fulfilment of an ambition to own his own communications consultancy has culminated in a business committed to innovation, creativity and helping organisations achieve their potential.


Kommuniv8 is a full-service agency providing a wide range of services to raise awareness of your organisation, ensure you are communicating effectively and that your messaging is on brand and fit-for-purpose.

Talk to your audience where they are, ask us how.



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